The Elite Family

Message from the CEO:​

“Our Mission has always been to offer the best hemp products nature has to offer,
just what you would expect from your own garden. We offer organic and natural hemp products more economical without sacrificing standards, flavor or quality…”

Shimon Fhima

Dan Oran, CEO, Entrepreneur, Business, Visonary, Investor, Consultor.

Dan Oran

Business Adviser and Investor

“When it comes to providing guidance to Elite Hemp Products, critical thinking is as important as ability to envision life as a blank canvas and create a vision of color, texture, and detail that generates sustainable income opportunities for anyone willing to work diligently in the Hemp Industry. Any profitable business depends on its workforce. That is the reason why I remain an active member of the Hemp community and I try to be surrounded by people who grow Hemp and produce simply the best Hemp Products in the world”.

H.R Director

“Improve Elite Hemp Products’ infrastructure, build the best Elite team possible, and help improve the relationship within our organization. Our goal is to constantly motivate employees and make work a fun place to be”.

Chief Information Officer

“Being a computer and software engineer for such a reputable company as Elite Hemp Products requires knowledge and strong understanding of administration. We successfully manage, design, and evaluate a variety of data based systems and documents; perform complex technical, analytical and professional services involving program/member services, evaluation, database-driven websites, office operations support, and problem resolution.”