The products under our store  takes all the steps necessary to demonstrate authenticity and customer’s safety. We offer unique and exciting products sourced exclusively from organically grown, non-GMO, sustainable high-grade hemp not only for the active lifestyle enthusiasts and health-seekers, but also for those who makes the health and well-being of animals a top priority in life. We distinguish ourselves every step of the way by implementing full transparency, environmentally-friendly extraction techniques and verified testing because we are driven by a desire to bring health, wellness, and natural medicine to all those in need.

For example our members strive perfection, as a company we are always trying to improve the quality of our products and provide an exceptional experience for our customers.

With 100X strength products we plan to revolutionize the market and improve everyone’s life. As well, our goal is to expand worldwide and make Elite the most recognized Hemp based brand in the market.

Our mission: Our Mission has always been to offer the best hemp products nature has to offer, just what you would expect from your own garden. We offer organic and natural hemp products more economical without sacrificing standards, flavor or quality.

In our store we find a member like one researching on the benefits of Hemp this is the Elite Hemp Company in 2015. The primary purpose of this product is to help people that are experiencing everyday physical and mental conditions. We realized that Hemp has such wonderful qualities that we decided to start implementing it into his lifestyle. As part of their research, they discovered that hemp is, in fact, valuable to animals too. We experience with our old pets and it was a miracle with this product. We noticed an enormous improvement in old pets using CBD for PETS, who became more enthusiastic and much more active. The insisted that the hemp helped extend and enhance old pet’s quality of life.

We strongly believe that hemp will be the new medicine for everyone suffering with discomfort. We specialize in the marketing and development of the highest possible quality hemp products. We sell the products to wholesalers, retailers, and major distributors. Our goal is to have the products sit on shelves in all major stores locally and globally that specialize in health and nutrition.